Apr 3 2015

Gear Demos

Here you can find Demos by me of all my gear, some for sale some for me just to share with people.


Major Pentatonic Scale – Free Lesson Read More
In this free lesson aimed at beginners Dom will show you the basic Minor Pentatonic scale shape then move onto how to get more interesting musical phrases out of it, improve your co-ordination and dexterity and have you playing lead guitar in no time !!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Minor Pentatonic Scale

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shutterstock 146880224 1024x768 Be Creative and Never Stop Learning

Be Creative and Never Stop Learning.

If as a guitarist you ever think ‘right that’s it, no more left to learn’ then you need to take a real look at the depth and breadth of talent that exists and see what else you can add to your style. And if ever, as I have many times, start thinking ‘everything is sounding the same’ and ‘I’m feeling a bit stale’ then the same applies. Read More

Here is an introduction to the site and the free  online guitar lessons that will be posted on My Guitar Teacher

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Expanding your Chord Vocabulary – Lesson 6

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Getting your first basic guitar chord sequences together. Now you have learned the chords in the key of C its time to use them.

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Chords in key of C Here is lesson number 4 in the first module

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The C Major Chord – Your first guitar chord . Dom shows you how to play the C Major scale than how to construct a C major chord from it. He will also show you a simple Left hand / Right Hand co-ordination exercise

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Tune your Guitar – The second video of the 1st module of Free online guitar lessons – very important that before you start playing its in tune !!

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First video in the course of free online guitar lessons aimed at the complete novice naming the parts of the guitar.

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Oct 29 2013

Guitar Lessons

Dom Winter RGT Registered guitar teacher based in Stratford-upon-Avon

Welcome to www.MyGuitarTeacher.net, if you are looking for Guitar Lessons then you’re in the right place. Read More