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My first memories of wanting to learn how to play the guitar and my first steps

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Ten Rules for learning and developing your musicianship and guitar playing

Over my 35 years of playing the guitar I have learned by trial and error, watching other players, being inspired by a new band or player, buying videos and DVD’s and in recent years the computer and you tube. A couple of years ago I decided to write down everything I could remember from my first memories of wanting to play the guitar, the songs and bands that made me want to play, to all the people who I had played with. It was amazing how many memories came back and as a self taught player and a guitar teacher I realised how many mistakes I had made and where I could have saved some time. In addition I also realised that I had subconsciously developed some rules for myself which as I was writing started to show themselves. These were rules that I had lived by without really consciously knowing or understanding them. None of it is rocket science or particularly complex and my aim here is to explain what they mean to me. What they mean to you depends on your own approach to playing and you can take the ideas that resonate and park the ideas that don’t. One thing I have learned over the years is the things I don’t like and don’t agree with musically and personally can change with the passing years. Musical taste changes, the way you play definitely changes. We are constantly evolving creatures and I have noticed that I will resurrect previously disregarded thoughts and attitudes and incorporate them into who I am today. So here are my rules for learning by. These blogs are essentially me talking to myself 35 years ago…

  1. You Never Stop Learning

How do we make ourselves keep learning, keep creative and keep developing. In this blog I investigate the state of mind we need to be in to keep the creative juices flowing.