C Major Chord – Free online Guitar Lesson 3

The C Major Chord – Your first guitar chord . Dom shows you how to play the C Major scale than how to construct a C major chord from it. He will also show you a simple Left hand / Right Hand co-ordination exercise

Rather than just learn chords by rote and ending up with 15 chords to start playing with it is a better option to really understand where the chords come from and get a good foundation in understanding how music is created so we will start with the C major chord. This makes things much easier when we progress and you can end up working out for yourself what will and won’t work. When I am teaching I have found that students who really understand why they are doing what they do rather than just copying progress much faster. Many guitarists are afraid of theory but thats like wanting to speak a language and not want to learn any words. All theory is is names for the things that we can hear and everybody will recognise the sound of a major scale. It the building block and foundation that music is built on and if you want to play a musical instrument then understanding what is going on and being able to recognise it is so important. Even more so when you start playing with other musicians. Personally I still don’t sight read music but I think my theory knowledge has been useful and really helped my in songwriting, improvising and just playing with other musicians. There is a degree of reverse snobbery amongst some guitar players who don’t know any theory however if you learn the guitar as an instrument and a technical skill with out learning music you sell your self short in my opinion s I always taught guitar in terms of musicality as well as dexterity.


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 C Major Chord   Free online Guitar Lesson 3

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