Chords in Key of C – Free Online Guitar Lesson 4

Chords in key of C Here is lesson number 4 in the first module

In this lesson, which is a little longer that usual, but covers a lot of ground, I show you how to create the chords in key of C . Concentrating on the C major scale  gives you a great foundation to build on as once you have a thorough understanding as to why the chords are what they are and how they are generated you can then apply this knowledge to any key. The technique is simple just as we built a chord from the scale of C by taking the 1st 3rd and 5th notes all we do here is take every degree of the and do the same thing to give us the chords that are generated. To get all the Chords in Key of C all we do is tale the C major scale C D E F G A B C where we have already generated out first chord of C major containing the notes CEG so when we play the same scale but start and end on D  D E F G A B C D we get a chord that contains the notes DFA which is a minor chord ( I explain why in the video). Following the same pattern E notes are EGB giving us a minor chord F gives us FAC which is Major G gives us GBD which is Major A gives us ACE which is Minor and B gives us BDF which is diminished (again I explain what that is in the video) so in essence its pretty easy – the chords in key of C are C Dm Em F G Am Bdim and this we can apply to any key and the principles are the same so see if you can work out the chords in the key of E (which after all is a ‘Guitar Key’) the notes of E major are E F G A B C D ?

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 Chords in Key of C   Free Online Guitar Lesson 4

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