Here are some endorsements from Students I have taught over the years. Thanks to all those who submitted and gave permission for me to use them. If you are an ex student the chances are I have lost your details. If you would like to submit a short testimonial on the contact page I would really appreciate it.

‘Dom is a great guitarist and teacher. He’s very patient as you begin and very supportive as you find your feet. As well as teaching loads of technique and music theory, he’s brilliant at breaking down the music you want to play so that you’re quickly playing the kind of songs and styles that made you want to pick up a guitar in the first place’
Ed Kinglsey (taught from age 15 to 18 when he left to attend RADA,  now a professional actor)
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‘I have known Dom for some considerable time now. He is a high quality guitarist with a wide knowledge of the subject. Dom has a gentle character with consumate patience, if he explains something and you don’t understand he finds another way of explaining it and motivates you. It is because of his qualities as a motivator and his innate way of explaining things that makes him a high quality guitar tutor’
Les Turner – Guitarist with Hard Ride

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