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My Guitar Teacher – Free Online Guitar Course

This is ‘My Guitar Teacher’ Guitar Course – personal lessons from me to you.
Here you will find my free online guitar lessons. I set up the my guitar teacher website specifically to be able to offer the highest quality tuition for free.

These will be in a guitar course modular format so the learning naturally flows with ten short video lessons per module. These will take the complete beginner from someone who has never touched a guitar before through all the stages to becoming a competent player. These free modules are a full course covering the basic elements you need to start teaching yourself – ‘my guitar teacher’ is you….That is the whole  point!!

If you learn the rules and methods by which the guitar works and how music is made, soon you’ll be able to work things our for yourself.  No learning by rote without any real understanding. You will derive much more pleasure out of playing because when you hear songs you like you will be able to work out how to play them by listening to them rather than laboriously go through tablature. You’ll hear the chord sequences and be able to translate this to the fretboard. My guitar teacher offers these completely free online lessons from an experienced teacher, imparting 35 years of experience in a simple, clear and easy to understand manner to save you making the same mistakes I did !! My aim here is to show you how to play the guitar as it I am teaching myself at the age of 14 or 15 when I was learning from books, spending hours and hours in music shops (Musical Exchanges in Birmingham almost every Saturday) watch the occasional video (they were £30 each in 1984!!!) and picking up what I could from wherever I could.  This is all the stuff I wish I had known earlier.

To access the guitar course click the links below

Module 1 – First Steps (Introduction to the guitar first chords and chord sequences)

Module 2  – Holding your Own (Barre Chords and basic shapes, names of the intervals, movable scale shapes major minor, 7th chords through the key and some basic pentatonic licks)

Module 3 – Up and Running (More pentatonic shapes, The CAGED System, Arpeggios, 3 note per string stretch fingerings, dynamics and faster riffs)

Module 4 – Gaining Momentum (Developing vibrato, String bending, developing speed and co-ordination, Techniques like string skipping, tapping, pinch harmonics,

Module 5 – Developing musicality (Cycle of 5ths and cycle of 4ths, Modulating between keys, Harmony and harmonising, Modes in depth, Pitch axis)


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