Guitar Lessons For Beginners : Module 1 – First Steps

Free online guitar lessons for beginners- Module 1 ‘First Steps”

In this first module of the free online guitar lessons we will be covering the basic first steps for the complete novice. If you have never picked up a guitar before and really want to learn then this is for you!

These Lessons will cover everything for the novice taking their first steps into playing the guitar. Naming the parts, how to tune it, picking out your first scale and chord. Creating the chords from a scale, Basic chord sequences, learning all the chords in the common keys so you get to a point where you have a good basic foundation from which you can build your knowledge. Everyone has to take their first steps when first picking up the guitar and in this course they will be much easier than if you do it on your own. By being shown the right things and by being given the musical understanding you know why you are doing what you are doing rather than just learning by rote. The solid foundations you gain in these first free  guitar lessons for beginners will be invaluable when you progress further

Notes on the Guitar neck will be referred to in these lessons. Use the image below (click for full size, right click and save the image) or alternatively you can download the full size image free of charge from the store.

Fretboard Notes 1024x146 Guitar Lessons For Beginners : Module 1   First Steps


shutterstock 92514370 1024x678 Guitar Lessons For Beginners : Module 1   First Steps


Guitar lessons for beginners

Lesson 1 Naming the parts of the guitar

Lesson 2 Tuning your guitar

Lesson 3 The C Major Scale and chord

Lesson 4 Chords in the key of C major

Lesson 5 Basic Chord Sequences

Lesson 6 Extending Your Chord Vocabulary

Lesson 7 – Beginning Lead Guitar, Minor Pentatonic

Lesson 8 – Beginning Lead Guitar, Major Pentatonic