Featured Guitar Products


Here are my featured Guitar products.
All of these products featured are things I use on my guitar on a daily basis. I own them all and after 35 years of playing know that these work and do the job!

An essential for any guitarist. String Winder and cutter in one.

Planet waves amazing dual action capo designed by Ned Steinberger one of the two best capo’s you can get

And this is the other best capo the amazing G7th

Got more than one guitar? Why pay £7-8 per set when you can get 10 sets for less than £3.50 each.

And for acoutsics

The Brilliant Fender Custom Shop Vintage Voltage cable

Also available in Black

How many times have we seen an expensive guiar and amp, a decent cable and cheap fx patch cables. Use somethng decent like these

Want to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan then this is a good start

Need somewhere to sit and somewhere to put your guitar when you’re finished then here is the ideal solution

The best guitar stand you can get ….

Or just hang them on the wall out of the way

Keep youself in tune and power your other pedals. By Hugo Boss apparently… I think someone is confusing musical electronics giant Roland Boss with clothing designer Hugo Boss.

Picks are very personal but these have always served me well

Any decent guitar deserves a decent strap. This is the best. Levys MSS2 strap

Also in Brown

and please make sure you get some form of straplock. there are many but I have used these for over 30 years and never had a problem. They securly lock your strap in place. If you use the strap above it can be difficult to get the lock on with the washer so I leave it off. Here in Chrome



Chrome Satin

and Ruthenium