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Computers have become more and more integral to the creating of music. In the early days there were a few programs available with limited graphics and sound capabilities and financially they were only for those who could afford to buy the hardware and expensive software. Things have changed for the better.  For guitar players now there are a wealth of apps and guitar software available.  It is a bit of a minefield. everything from full DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) like Pro Tools. Cubase, Apple Logic and so on which turn your computer into a full blown recording studio. There are tablature and notation programs that allow you to follow tabs and music more easily. Programs that will slow down songs so you can clearly hear whatios being played. There are loads of examples of guitar lesson software  with video and chord dictionaries . Over time I’ll be adding reviews and demo’s of some of the software available and links to some of the best online tools.  You can integrate your computer with your guitar playing and use it as a tool to help you progress much faster than just using books and DVD’s. More often than not now when I play guitar or if I am learning songs I’ll be doing it in front of my computer.

The whole area of guitar software has expanded and improved massively over the last 10 years and now rather than just an aid or support device that it was just a few years ago you could learn guitar from scratch now just by sitting in front of your computer

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