My Guitar Teacher – Introduction

Here is an introduction to the site and the free  online guitar lessons that will be posted on My Guitar Teacher

Guitar Teacher Dom Winter is an RGT registered tutor and experienced player sharing nearly 40 years of knowledge to pass onto everyone from the total novice who has never picked up a guitar before right through to complex techniques for seasoned players in a series of structured Modules.

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After 12 years working in a corporate Learning and development environment Dom is now applying all this learning theory and structure in a series on free module with about 10 lessons per module. These free online guitar lessons at My Guitar Teacher will take the complete novice who has never touched a guitar before through to being a competent player in a structured and straightforward manner. The key to this approach is that rather than learning the guitar by rote, you understand why your fingers go where they do, why the notes make up a chord and why the cords fit into a key. You’ll understand the scales and why they work the way they do. Along with developing your dexterity and technical skills you will be developing your musicality so you can apply all you learn to playing music and not just impressing people with how fast your fingers can go (heres a secret … most people are not impressed).

Obviously if you want to take your playing to the next level over time there will be more advanced techniques and more challenging stuff. he modules will have a clear guide as to what they cover so if you are already further along in your journey of learning the guitar you can just drop in at a point that suits you. More importantly if you have any gaps you can use these lessons to plug them. Many people will have been playing for years and to a high standard but still don’t understand the modes, or even how chords are constructed.  Over time  supporting materials will be added for you to download. My Guitar Teacher will be the only site you need



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